SAMA will be out this week conducting annual maintenance inspections, please see below for more information

“Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency (SAMA) is responsible for the property assessments in the RM of Eldon.  An appraiser from SAMA will be in the RM for a day or two in February conducting annual maintenance field inspections in the RM in order to update the assessment roll.  The inspections will be at properties where a change in assessment value may occur, such as those properties with new dwellings, garages, sheds, decks, additions to dwellings, etc., as well as removal of buildings or assessable structures.  The appraiser only needs to do an EXTERIOR inspection in order to obtain the dimensions/size, class & condition of the structure in question.  If the property owner is not at home, the appraiser will leave a door hanger with his attached business card.  The SAMA appraiser will have the proper identification marked on his vehicle, as well as carrying an identification card.  Individual appointments will not be made at this time as it slows the inspection process.  SAMA wants to be proactive by notifying property owners our intention to complete an EXTERIOR inspection only of your property, while keeping in mind the safety of the public and our staff”.





The Maidstone Airport is operated by the R.M. of Eldon No. 471. The airport is located west of the Town of Maidstone. In 2013 the municipality lengthened the runway and paved it. The runway is lit and maintained year-round.

Elevation: 1991’
Runway length – 3414’
Runway width – 75’
Surface – Asphalt

Operator: R.M of Eldon No. 471
Phone: 306-893-2391
Fax: 306-893-4644

COPA Airport Information